Minolta HI-MATIC af2

Minolta HI-MATIC af2


Vintage Minolta HI-MATIC af2

This camera was first manufactured by Minolta in November 1981 as the successor of the Hi-Matic AF. The camera uses active infrared autofocus, which uses an infrared beam to determine the distance of your object. It also comes equipped with a warning buzzer  and blinking light combo that notifies if an object is either too close to focus as well as too far out of the flash range. Similar to other Hi-Matics the camera has a four-element lens with a 38mm focal length and a maximum aperture of f/2.8.


This camera luckily takes very common two AA 1.5V batteries that you can find at most stores. The battery door can be found on the bottom of the camera and can be opened by pressing down on it and sliding it in the direction of the arrow towards the camera. Place the batteries in the slots according to the correct positive and negative order that is indicated on the side. Slide the battery cover back on once the batteries are installed. According to the manual if you are using alkaline batteries the flash can be used 250 times per set.

Most times the manual for this camera is no longer with the camera itself, but I was able to link a copy and you can find it at the below link from orphancameras.com:

 Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 Camera Manual


  1. Type: Auto-focus 35mm camera with automatic exposure control, electronic shutter and built-in flash, plus two-types of piezoelectric-oscillator audible warnings

  2. Lens: Auto-focus type 1m (3.3ft) to infinity, with focus-hold function when the shutter release is slightly pressed

  3. Shutter: Behind the lens electronic type programmed for AE EV 6 (1/8 sec. at f/2.8) to EV 17 (1/430 sec. at f/17) X-sync. at 1/40 sec. ; self-timer; approx 10 sec. delay

  4. Exposure System: CdS type, coupled AE range EV 6 to EV 17; film-speed range ASA 25 to 400; automatic compensation with filters used; low-light warning lamp and steady audible signal come on when the exposure is under EV 8.4

  5. Viewfinder: Bright-frame type with parallax-correction marks, LED focus-zone signals for focusing and flash range, flash-monitor lamp, low-light warning lamp and Auto-focus zone marks

  6. Power: Two 1.5v AA-size alkaline, sealed carbon-zinc, or 1.2v nickel cadmium sells for AE system, automatic-focus system, indicator lights, piezoelectric audible signals, and flash operation

  7. Flash System: Built-in, pop-up flash automatically turns on and engages flashmatic system with sets shutter for X-sync. exposures at 1/40 sec.; aperture coupled to Auto-Focus system providing automatic exposure and adjustment throughout the flash range; LED focus-zone signals in the viewfinder and beeping audible signal alert when subject is out of flash range

  8. Dimensions & Weight: 53.5 x 76 x 129 mm, 335 g

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